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Know someone that doesn't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? Pray that they will by Memorial Day 2025!


100th Year Anniversary of Revival in San Antonio

Is another spiritual awakening like the one in 1925 on the way for San Antonio?

Nearly a century ago, San Pedro Springs Park was the site of a remarkable spiritual revival, with hundreds flocking to the waters to publicly profess their faith through baptism.

Thousands of San Antonians surrounded the park's springs, rejoicing as new believers waded into the waters to accept Christ. Captured in Eugene Omar Goldbeck's famous panoramic photograph, the baptisms represented the climax of a sweeping movement that brought massive numbers of people to the park to witness a move of God. 

As the 100th anniversary of that revival approaches, the faithful in San Antonio are daring to imagine: What if such an awakening happened again in our city? What if those sacred waters became the site of another modern-day outpouring of God's Spirit? 

What if believers once more flocked to those hallowed grounds, committing their lives to Christ just as their forebears did? There are many more signs in our city pointing to another historic move of God. 

Can you envision it? Thousands converging on those hallowed grounds, raising their voices in joyful worship as new believers take that transformative plunge into the waters—a great cloud of witnesses celebrating each rededication to Christ. Pastors from various churches and denominations unite to baptize the multitudes, just as they did back then.

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After Signing Up, Watch the Video on How to Pray for the Lost

This 5-minute video lesson teaches you how to pray for friends and family around you.  Then, invite others to join us in the mission of reaching 21,000+ people in San Antonio with the love of Jesus.

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We were thinking that giving away some amazing prizes from various businesses and ministries across the city might motivate people & make the process fun at the same time.  

Everyone likes a little friendly competition, so why not?

You will move up the leader board as you share with others.  Most importantly though, we need you to fervently pray for your friends & family.  As we partner with God, may He have His way in our city!

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To our 1st winner, Gina Clarke of FLY Ministries! 

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Glad you asked.  Actually multiple ministries and businesses who realize that in order to advance the Kingdom of God in our city, we must unite our efforts to have the transformative impact that we desire to see in our city.  It requires a cultural and mindset shift, but we know that it's all possible with God. 

Businesses & Ministries partnered with us so far...

Assemble Ministries

Christian Business Men's Connection

Every Square Inch

FLY Ministries


No Place Left

The Justice Foundation

UniteSA Network

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